WordPress 5.0 and Beyond

The Alpha Particle team just got back from WordCamp US, the annual conference centered around the WordPress project. The topic on everyone's mind was, not surprisingly, Gutenberg and how the new editor experience that was released in WordPress 5.0 will shape the WordPress ecosystem going forward.

WordPress Developer (Contract)

Alpha Particle is expanding and looking for a Junior Developer who can tackle some of our production WordPress work. This means building custom themes (either completely from scratch or Child Themes) as well as plugins to fit our client's needs.

The Alpha Particle Perspective: “Marketing in the Age of Alexa”

Voice is a growing market

Amazon has sold ~25 million smart speaker units and is expected to double that number by 2020. Google Assistant is available on ~400 million devices (Google Home smart speakers as well as select Android phones). These numbers show that even though voice is a relatively new interface, consumers are adopting it at a rapid rate.  We have seen users who struggle to use traditional text or cursor-based navigational interfaces embrace voice, and this leads us to believe this adoption will only continue to grow.

Accidentally Becoming The Lead Developer

When I began working as a developer, I was deeply focused on the little things: how an algorithm works, the exact syntax for the language I was writing in, why an answer on Stack Overflow broke my code, and all the other roadblocks along the way.

10 Talks We Would Love to Give in 2018

With that in mind, I've updated that list for 2018 with talks we'd like to give to conferences, meetups and even clients. These encompass the topics that we help clients with at Alpha Particle and that we see as growing in importance in 2018 and beyond.

You Have 5 Minutes: Ignite Chicago

I'm used to giving talks more in the 45-60 minute range (Looking to host a workshop at your company? Let's talk.), so building a talk that told a complete story in 5 minutes was going to be something different for me. Couple that with the fact that I didn't have control over advancing my slides, and it seemed I was in for more of a performance than the workshop-like talks I was used to.

What is a Load Balancer?

The basic idea behind load balancing is that instead of having just one web server with all your code running on it, you have multiple.  Let’s say that we set up 3 web servers and deploy your code to each one. This means that any of these 3 servers could handle an incoming request, but now you need something to decide which of the 3 servers should be given each next request.