Advancing your digital product to

the next stage

Alpha Particle is a digital consultancy that specializes in guiding organizations and entrepreneurs through the process of bringing web based products to life. Whether you are at step one and you need help planning any aspect of your project, or you are ready to move your product to the next phase of its lifecycle, let’s talk about how you could benefit from our expertise.

Digital Product Consulting

Whether it is a B2B or B2C app, an internal digital tool, or your website, we have the expertise to help your organization initiate, plan, and execute the build and release of your product. Understanding how the various components of research, visual design, UX/UI creation, and software development come together to produce world-class products and services is what we do. Wherever you are in the product development lifecycle, Alpha Particle will help advance your digital project to the next stage. Learn More

Project Staffing and Vendor Selection

Assembling the right team is difficult, but critical to the success of any project. Alpha Particle can guide through the process of determining if you need to hire temporary contractors, full-time employees, an agency, or some combination of these. We know how marketing professionals, UX researchers & designers, visual designers, project & product managers, and front-end & back-end engineers can work together to bring your product to the next level. And we know how to do so in a way that responsibly manages both costs and risk.

Systems Integration

Digital tools are an omnipresent part of your operations, increasing your organization’s efficiency and flexibility. It can be difficult to keep all of your software communicating smoothly with your employees or even with other software. Stop losing time manually transferring data between systems and let Alpha Particle help with Systems Integration. Learn More

Business Process Design

No matter what software solutions are in place, they need to be fully integrated into your organization’s business processes. That means deciding when to implement a business rule that has a low annual cost in employee-hours over licensed or bespoke software with a higher one-time cost. Alpha Particle will help you determine what combination of off-the-shelf tools, custom software, and business rules will be the most efficient for your organization.

Creation of Internal Tools

Just as you might order a new piece of equipment to help your business operate more smoothly, custom digital tools are something that can help greatly improve your team’s productivity. Whether the tool needs to be small and agile or large and robust, Alpha Particle will work with you to determine the best way to meet your needs. These tools can often be delivered surprisingly quick and for less cost than you may expect.

Digital Operations Consulting

We work with organizations that may not include software development as their core competency as well as with agencies that produce software for their clients to implement the most current workflows and modern best practices. We will consult with your stakeholders and work to implement procedures, training, and new software to ensure that any products your organization is producing or maintaining is done so as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Alpha Particle also works with digital design and development agencies to streamline their processes, from business operations, to sales, to marketing.