Digital Product Consulting

What is Digital Product Consulting?

The term can have broad meaning, but simply put, Alpha Particle provides the skills and expertise that your organization needs to plan and build a digital product.  Our organization is made up of people who have spent years planning and managing projects, building software, and leading teams of all skill levels through the process of launching new features or products.

Those products include B2B or B2C apps, digital tools and integrations, websites, or just about any software that you can think of.  Alpha Particle can consult wherever progress or change is needed, but it is easy to view our value coming in two parts, Project Planning & Initiation and Project Management & Monitoring.

Project Planning & Initiation

You could define the planning and initiation portion of what we provide as the ‘why, what, and how’ of a project.  The ‘why’ of any project is not only the most important part, but the portion that most often gets forgotten over the course of a build.  That is why we at Alpha Particle plan projects in a way that always keeps an organization’s goals at the forefront of all decision making.  

Not that the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ are not important as well.  We have methods to clearly define the project, break it down into components, and map those components to easy to monitor phases of work.  We also help define who will be doing that work, whether it be design, development, marketing, or project & product management.  That can involve a mix of your organization’s current staff, Alpha Particle resources, vendors, contractors, and new hires.  If you need help selecting the right resources, Alpha Particle can help with that, too.

It is important to note that while we would love to be working with you from the very beginning of  project planning, there is still a great deal of value that Alpha Particle can provide if some of these decisions have already been made.

Project Management & Monitoring

Once a project has been planned and is underway, professional project management is key to its success.  Some organizations have a Project Management Office (PMO) that oversees management of ongoing projects, digital or otherwise.  Many do not have the resources or need for a standing PMO and value the flexibility that Alpha Particle can offer.  Whether it is managing the day-to-day details of a digital product build, overseeing vendors, or reporting and communicating with stakeholders, we have achieved success for organizations of all sizes, even individual entrepreneurs.

Launching is a significant part of project management that can be fraught with problems for those lacking experienced resources.  Alpha Particle knows how to roll out a product or feature set in way that engages stakeholders and successfully transitions to a new phase.  That can mean training, marketing, service, and continual iteration.

If you have any questions about how build or improve a digital product, please contact us.