Unlocking extra affiliate revenue with PMC

Amazon recently rolled out their Onsite Associates Program, which “brings product-related content from third-parties onto Amazon to help customers research and discover products they might be interested in.”

Penske Media Corporation was invited by Amazon to participate in the program and after testing on a couple of their properties, engaged Alpha Particle to standardize the codebase and create a WordPress plugin that could allow any of their properties to take advantage of the OAP program without needing a custom implementation for each new site.

To date, the plugin has been rolled out on Spy, Rolling Stone, Footwear News, and She Knows.

The Alpha Particle Approach

Since we were starting with an existing codebase, we had to initially work with the PMC team to determine which features were built specifically for the pilot, which features from the pilot would need to be in the feature-complete plugin, and which features didn’t make it into the pilot program, but would need to exist in the final product.

Once the list of tasks were in place, we set to work standardizing and cleaning up the codebase. We worked with the PMC team to perform extensive QA testing and make sure all our changes were reflected across each of the properties that this plugin would eventually be deployed to.

An example of the OAP integration for Rolling Stone on Amazon.com

What’s Next

In addition to making their existing properties more efficient and profitable, PMC will be able to use this as a base to build on and will be rolling the plugin out across more properties.

How Can We Help?

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