Ever need to “phone a friend”?

When you’re on a deadline and you can’t find the answers you’re looking for on Stack Overflow, we’re here to help.

How it works

File a ticket

Any time you’re stuck or want to get a second pair of eyes on something, file a ticket with us. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

Hour-long call every week

We’ll either talk about some of the tickets you’ve opened the previous week or tackle something that couldn’t be handled asynchronously.

Simple monthly pricing

Pay a flat fee per month based on how much engagement you need. No nickel and dime-ing. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

What makes a good ticket?

“I have ‘featured posts’ defined via a custom field and then the rest of the posts underneath as part of the regular ol’ Loop. How do I make sure these featured posts don’t show up again in the main Loop?”

This is actually a pretty common request! We’ll link you to a couple pre-vetted blog posts and some sample or pseudocode to help get you started and if you need a bit more guidance than that, this would be something we could cover in our weekly call.

“I need to add certain taxonomy queries to the WP_Query that I’m running only in certain circumstances.”

Again, you’d get some pseudocode back from us (depending on how detailed your original ticket was) that would help you implement this on whatever project you were working on.

“A potential client asked me for $BIG_FEATURE as part of my next project with them. Is that possible with WordPress and how much should I estimate to build just that piece of the project?”

This is something that would likely be handled as part of our weekly call. We would break down the various ways you could build something like this, which of those methods would work best for you based on your existing skillset and the needs of the client and help you feel more confident about your estimate. Then you would be in a better position to decide whether to take on the work, how to estimate it and whether you might need to bring someone in to help.

What makes a not-so-great ticket?

I need this completely custom functionality but don’t know how to build it. Can you build a plugin that does this for me?”

Not as part of Alpha Particle Unlimited. You’re not entirely out of luck though. We definitely do custom projects and would be happy to talk to you more about defining what exactly this project might look like and getting you a cost estimate for it.

“I need to make sure all my plugins and themes for all my client sites are updated every month.”

While there are tons of great companies that provide this service (including potentially your hosting company), that’s not something that we do as part of this service. If this is something you want to chat about, we’ll be happy to recommend you to someone.



File a ticket whenever you need help and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



All the benefits of Starter as well as an hour-long weekly phone call to go over any open tickets or larger items that couldn’t be handled asynchronously.

All In


All the benefits of Plus as well as your own private channel in our Slack team for more real-time communications.

Questions? Ready to get started?

Shoot us an email at unlimited@alphaparticle.com. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, talk more about what kinds of help you can expect to get with AP Unlimited and walk you through getting started.