WordPress Developer (Contract)

Alpha Particle is expanding and looking for a WordPress Developer who can tackle some of our production WordPress work. This means building custom themes (either completely from scratch or Child Themes) as well as plugins to fit our client’s needs.

You’ll be working directly under our CTO. This position is focused on helping you grow as a developer while shipping code that goes directly into the hands of our clients, or in most cases, straight onto the web.

The ideal candidate is in the Chicago area, but remote candidates are welcome. You can even come and work with us at 1871 the Merchandise Mart if you have questions to work through or just want to have a change of pace. Most of our work happens on Slack, Trello, and Github.

This is a contract position, but ideally you’d have at least 10 hours per week of availability. We will work with you well in advance to determine scheduling of various projects as they come in.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Familiarity with the WordPress ecosystem: You know how themes are constructed, how WordPress deals with templates, how child themes work, and how plugins work.
  • HTML/CSS/JS proficiency: We need you to know the basics of how a webpage is put together.
  • SASS: We use SASS for all of our styling. This also means you’ll need to know a build tool. We usually use Gulp, but could be convinced about Webpack if that’s more your speed.
  • Git: Everything we do is version controlled and this is also tied into how we handle deployments, so it’s important that you’re comfortable using Git.
  • Have built something custom in WordPress before: You’ve built either a theme or a plugin or something that is more than just activating code that someone else wrote or tweaking settings in wp-admin.

Nice to have:

  • PHP proficiency: It would be nice if you were comfortable with functions.php and how to do things on the server side.
  • Experience using WordPress hooks/filters: Sometimes we don’t get to do everything completely custom, so if you could use hooks and filters to modify existing functionality, that would be great.
  • Experience tuning WordPress performance: Things like what sorts of DB queries to avoid, when caching is appropriate, etc.

If this sounds like you, send us a note to hello@alphaparticle.com with the subject line WordPress Developer Job and tell us why you think you’d be a good fit. Please include your resume and/or a link to your personal site along with your hourly rate.

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